The Power of Acknowledgment

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Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci "A deeply engaging and practical guide that will help leaders more fully express their humanity and thereby create more endearing and enduring organizations. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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The Power of Acknowledgment - Judith W. Umlas - Google книги

Dec 24, Adrian Royce rated it really liked it. This is one of those "self-help" books that you can put into practice immediately and gain the benefits. Evidently by acknowledging your staff or even family in the right way--as opposed to mere recognition--both the receiver and the giver gain greatly. I enjoyed the book, it is easy to read and put together and the basic concept was well researched and presented. Every manager needs to read this book and yes after reading it for awhile you will most likely, like me, try to find someone to "ackno This is one of those "self-help" books that you can put into practice immediately and gain the benefits.

Every manager needs to read this book and yes after reading it for awhile you will most likely, like me, try to find someone to "acknowledge". Jul 24, Ian Walcott-Skinner rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Project managers especially! Judith Umlas has brought us the proof in this second book. The proof that acknowledgment is a powerful tool to motivate others. Sometimes we seek out hard quantitative analysis and managerial science to tell us the obvious.

Anyone working in a project environment or everyday business will tell you that the number one challenge is how to motivate others. Brian Dawson rated it really liked it Aug 29, P Anne Haltenhof rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Lori Holder rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Ali rated it liked it Jun 13, Christine Lucas rated it really liked it Jan 01, Alan Pio rated it really liked it Feb 19, Andrea rated it it was ok Jul 16, Susann Palumbo rated it liked it May 06, Kim Gassner rated it really liked it Feb 12, Irene rated it really liked it Sep 26, Clark rated it it was ok Mar 12, Erica Robbins rated it really liked it Jun 11, Moira rated it liked it Aug 02, Sue Tetzlaff rated it really liked it Aug 01, KM rated it really liked it Jul 06, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Dec 06, David Esche rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Heather Grace rated it really liked it Feb 09, Anna rated it liked it Mar 15, Anna Consor rated it liked it Nov 10, Leo Debiaggi rated it really liked it Sep 14, It helps the company and it helps the team.

How work can be – Stories of agile & lean

It is so simple. I want to see it take root all over in all sectors quicker. We hear so much about Millennials wanting to feel appreciated even more and acknowledged more than other generations. You have this Center for Grateful Leadership. I know people from around the world learn from you. Can you explain how can people join and what are the benefits from that type of thing? We founded the Center for Grateful Leadership in , June 14th, which is my birthday.

I created it that day so I would remember its anniversary. First of all, if people want to learn more about it than I will have time to tell them now, they should go to GratefulLeadership. We have some major contributors to it. He attained his certification as a Grateful Leadership Certified Professional and he taught a class. They get certified to teach a one-hour class to their organizations.

I give them all the materials, the slides, the workbooks, whatever they need to deliver it. He was such a success that he was asked to go back and deliver it to a broader audience at GM.

I feel so proud, and I know there are going to be thousands of people who end up doing that, taking this, mastering it, and delivering it because it works. It makes a difference. We have a monthly webinar on always the second Thursday of the month at PM. We have amazing guest presenters. We gather and we have the greatest dialogue. We play one of the podcasts by Jim Trela. We have a monthly article called The Gratitude Connection where Donald Officer connects Grateful Leadership to all these other initiatives and books.

People are always coming on board to contribute. A lot of people can learn so much from you and all your books. It is so much fun to have you on the show, Judy. Thank you so much. Are there any other sites or anything you would like to share?

James Taylor - The Power of Acknowledgment

We have three global conferences every year. We have Agile and Scrum. I am here with Kristen Hadeed. She is the CEO and Founder of Student Maid , a cleaning company that has employed thousands of Millennials over the last decade and is known for building the next generation of leaders. Welcome, Kristen. Three million, were you surprised by how successful it was? Thank you so much for being on the show. I want to get a little background on you though because we know how successful you have been with all this.

Where did you start and how did you get to this point? My parents say that they always knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. I always had these little businesses as a kid. Even though I was that way, I never thought that that was in the cards for me. My parents were not entrepreneurs. I came to college and I was pretty lost. I thought success was about the salary that you would earn when you graduated.

I was on this hunt for the job that would pay the most amount of money. I had heard that being an investment banker on Wall Street was a good go. Finance was my major and then life took a turn. Unbeknownst to me one day, I went to the mall after class and I should have never been there. I was still broke.

I had no money. That was the first idea that popped into my mind. It was a complete disaster. I had no idea what I was doing. She paid for me and I bought the jeans. She told her friends about me. I started cleaning this house, that house.

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  6. The next thing I knew, I was cleaning seven days a week, but never in a million years did I ever think that this would be my career. I answered a phone call once for a part-time job. I was a Kelly girl back in the day and that led me to work at a company for many years because I took a one-day gig. How did that come to be? For a little while, I was cleaning houses between classes to make money for this apartment that I was supposed to have in New York.

    The turning point happened right before my senior year.

    The Power of Acknowledgment (Part 2)

    I got a contract to clean all of these empty college apartments. They were handing these contracts out like candy because there was such a high demand for cleaning companies with thousands of students who are moving out of these apartments. Here I was. It was me and a couple of friends that were cleaning with me. I signed this contract to clean apartments and 21 days to do the work. That was when I had to turn it into a legitimate company.

    I hired a team of 60 people to help me. They were all students.

    The Power of Acknowledgment
    The Power of Acknowledgment
    The Power of Acknowledgment
    The Power of Acknowledgment
    The Power of Acknowledgment

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