Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist

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Where does the bible say that the earth is flat?

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The angels… it means that they stand in the north, east, south and west. Its symbolic language. Yes the devil went on a mountain with Jesus, where he could see the kingdoms of the earth. It doesnt have a a literal meaning. The devil more likely showed him the kingdoms in a vision.

I have never read a more fair, comprehensive and meticulously researched work which should satisfy even the harshest skeptic that Jesus in fact walked this earth. Thank you Dr Mykytuik. Thank you. It has first been used in And please, do not even begin to claim the bible tells us the earth is flat. That theory relies on the incorrect translations made by Romans applying Roman belief of the cosmos of the time.

The reference to being able to see all the kingdoms of the earth likely refers to the kingdoms of that area which could be looked upon at the highest mountain point use the context of the culture at the time to understand from their point of view. In order to understand what was written down you must first know the beliefs and cultural constructs of the people doing the writing. Also, Hebrew words often had several different meanings based on the context of the sentence.

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Without extensive and personal knowledge of the ancient Hebrew language one would essentially be guessing at the true meaning of such words based on the knowledge at that time, and Romans at the time of translation believed the earth to be flat as well as a solid shield covering the earth. They literally believed the stars to be fixed into this globe-like shield and the earth to be the center of the solar system. Use your brain and research before spreading these ridiculous false claims. I agree with jiko and Ral. The claimant needs to provide the evidence that their claim is indeed true and correct.

You actually need to demonstrate that your god exists. This is kindergarten theology. Prove it or shut up. Warner Bros. Religious people make the claim. It is up to them to prove their claims. You say your god exists, I say prove it. Maybe Christian scholars. Objective scholars think they are interpolations.

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And the second reference to Jesus, and James, is also a forgery and s not even talking about the James of Christian Jesus fame. If God did not create the heavens and the earth and it it is apparent by your comments, all I ask of you is to explain how life on earth got started. God create our earth but think our earth is flat.

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  7. According to Christian mythology the earth must be flat. I am a sceptical Christian.

    Meaning, I seek to find proof behind claims of the bible. It does not in any way attempt to prove the existence of God. That proof, to me, comes from the existence of life itself. Did it suddenly appear? What science is there to show the possibility of something appearing from absolute nothing? To me, that is the proof there must be an outside source. Let that be your idea of God.

    Whether that God-source gives a damn about us in any capacity remains up for debate???? The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It provides evidence that many at the time of Jeremiah believed in His future birth. The crowning event recorded in the Book of Mormon is the personal ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ among the indigenous American people soon after His resurrection. It puts forth the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ, bears witness of His divinity, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come.

    This was great, I enjoyed reading the article. Although men were used to pen the words of the Bible, the author of it is God, and you obviously do not read very much and obviously do not believe in other historical figures, e. However, Al, the Bible is far more reliable than imperfect man. I enjoyed reading this article.

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    It as well written and well documented. Thank you for your work. The stories are meant to teach and give a common point of reference. Gilgamesh walks through the signs of the zodiac, just like Hercules does, slaying the Bull of Heaven, slaying the Lion, meeting the Scorpion-man, and meeting with Utnapashtim who was called Deucalion by the Greeks. The Greeks tell us Deucalion was constellation Aquarius.

    You will notice that Hercules performs his Twelve Labours as he walks through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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    Gilgamesh also walks through the twelve signs of the zodiac, although the Akkadian story does not explicitly number them. Jupiter, the planet, marks out the sky into twelve parts, and the twelve divisions of the zodiac are derived from the motion of Jupiter. Jupiter was called the ruler of the gods in many theological systems. Jupiter, called Zeus by the Greeks, ruled the twelve great gods in Roman and Greek religion and appointed their place in the heavens.

    There were twelve great gods in the Norse religion each with a great house, although the Norse chose Odin, a version of Mercury, as the later king of the gods, and Thor, a version of Jupiter, became his son. Marduke, a version of Jupiter, was king of the gods in Babylon. Indra, a version of Jupiter, is king of the gods according to the Vedas.

    Were Buddha or Perseus real? Buddha was originally a version of planet Mercury, and still is a version of planet Mercury in Hinduism, which was the origin of Buddhism. Perseus is constellation Perseus. Where they based on real people? The ideas they represented were based on human ideas, just like the ideas behind any character ultimately derive from human thought.

    Buddha represents the idea of a good, human, wise teacher interested in our well being, as does Jesus. The words attributed to them are words derived from centuries of thought and emotion. In that respect, they are real.

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    So interesting. I really think this is interesting. So life repeats itself perhaps to remind humanity of our origins. As the Bible clearly states Adam and Eve were the the progenitors of the human race. Genesis , Please take a look. Thank u. Your enthusiasm being laudable, the delivery needs to match the audience tenor, content, research. Why the Bible claim God created earth years ago but history records human life existed on earth few hundred thousand years ago?

    Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist
    Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist
    Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist
    Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist
    Remember, My Lord: Thoughts of a Christian Classicist

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