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I. “4 Degrees Celsius Up”

Dorgan issues the final challenge for the reader when his speaker asks:. What have you done with the poem? How have you read the conceit? Have you let it mystify you — or have you found a way and made a response? Illustrations by Issy Davies. If you like what you've just read, please support Anthroposphere by buying one of our beautifully designed physical copies here.

Two New Accounts of How Corporations (and Conservatives) Have Thwarted Action on Climate Change

All proceeds go towards printing, designing and maintaining our publication, and your contributions will help keep our climate journalism interdisciplinary and accessible for all. The Love Poetry of Climate Change.

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Exploring the challenges of engaging with climate degradation through poetic speakers, objects, and readers By Patrick Naylor. Recent Posts See All.

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Unpredicting Climate Catastrophe. The Changing Face of Environmental Litigation. Our Young Poets Network is central to the collaboration with Cape Farewell — click here to try out some of the poetry challenges on the YPN website if you would like to attempt your own poems relating to climate change. In addition to our Cape Farewell partnership, we have collaborated with lots of different organisations to challenge young people to write about climate change in new ways:.

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Thinking about global inequality and climate change, Harry asked young writers to pen poems of protest to aid action against climate change. Prompts included videos and photos from Oxfam, poems by Roger McGough and John Agard, as well as essential facts and figures.

An anthology of poetry on climate change | Environment | The Guardian

Get inspired by the prompts and read the winning poems here. I am the Universe was a challenge written and judged by Helen Mort in partnership with the British Romantic Writing and Environmental Catastrophe project. Eradicating a species can't just be written off as the price of progress. If we extended our imaginations as wide as that flock, what kind of human community could we imagine? Jane Mead's poem "Money" uses repetition to demonstrate the pervasiveness of corporate control over the environment.

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Mead opens the door for readers to ask why we've allocated control over resources in this way, and how it might look for things to be otherwise. I began this anthology a few hours before going on a " Toxic Tour " of Northwest Indiana. The poems in Here reminded me that humans are capable of many different kinds of creation. Each poet had crafted a beautiful thing they hoped would move me, that expressed a tenderness toward human weakness, and a fierce desire to remain in this world and testify to its wonders.

An anthology of poetry on climate change

Though the individual poems in Here are powerful, the collection is weakened by some editorial choices. Its fourth section consists of poems by poets ages six to I was excited to read these poems, since young people have been some of the boldest and most persuasive voices on climate action.

Unfortunately, this selection of poems is underwhelming. The kids' poems are nature poems, some of which include both "the beautiful bird," and "the bulldozer off to the side But none of them are really political poems. It's written from the future, when the worst has already happened, the drought come and the flowers gone. I know young people are out here writing fiery political poems.

I know young people can talk about climate change in politically sophisticated ways. So where in this anthology are those poems?

Whose idea of youth does it flatter to include so many poems about young people's connection to the sky and caterpillars, but none that include words like "fossil fuels" or "extinction"? Outside of the youth poets section, there are very few works by poets under 35—poets who are young enough to expect climate devastation in their lifetime, but old enough that readers can expect them to write with adult sophistication and political analysis.

Coleman, who edited the anthology, I did my best to determine the ages of the contributors to the anthology. Twenty-two were classified as youth poets.

Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry
Climate Change: Poetry Climate Change: Poetry

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